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Place of breeding: Poland, Żdżary 

Origin: hybrid of Sunrise x Delbarestivale

Growth: slow, conical crown of average density, easy to form, bear fruit annually in great abundance, requires thinning 

Pollinators: Idared, Najdared®, Geneva, Delikates, Evereste, Golden Hornet

Pollinated cultivars: Boskoop, Elise®, Golden, Idared, Najdared®, Jonagold, Red Jonaprince® 

Fruit: medium size, cylindrical, smooth light yellow peel covered with red and orange striped blush. Tasty, firm, juicy. Fruit do not overripe on the tree and do not fall 

Harvest maturity: the middle of August, several days later than the Piros variety 

Storage: cold store 1-2 months 

Resistance to frost: medium

Susceptibility to diseases: scab – low, powdery mildew – low, bark and wood diseases – low

Apple varieties Sander® are legal protected on the territory of Poland under decisions of the Director of Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU) in Słupia Wielka  granting Plant Breeder’s Rights under legal act on legal protection of plant varieties  of 26 th June 2003 (Journal of Laws from 2016, item 843)