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about us

The Nursery Farm was established in 1988, but the family tradition goes back to pre-war period. From the very beginning it is a family farm which highly values the production of a good quality certified virus-free nursery material. It is located in the Ostrołęka poviat.

Our offer includes 2-year-old fruit trees (Knip boom) and 1-year-old inoculators. We have our own rootstock nursery, founded from a base material purchased at the Elite Nursery Material Center in Prusy. The whole nursery production is carried out under the supervision of the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

We have a modern machine park and a cold store for storing nursery material. We have large production capabilities taking into account individual needs of our customers.



Our nursery farm offers licensed and standard varieties on the rootstocks: apple trees - M9, M26, M7, P14, P60 and cherry trees, sweet cherry trees, pear trees and plum trees.

We offer, among others, apple tree Zuzi Gala, Viktored, Sander, Najdared, Ligol, Mutsu, Empire, Szampion Reno 2 , Alwa, Idared and a lot of others.

our varieties

We have individual licenses for varieties Najdared®, Reno 2®, Sander®,  Viktored® and Zuzi Gala®.

Red mutant of the Idared cultivar. Fruit: medium-sized or large, spherical, slightly flattened from the side of the calyx, the peel is very shiny, green and yellow, covered with intense raspberry, blurred blush, which appears very early (the beginning of September), tastier than the Idared variety. Harvest maturity: the first half of October...

Red mutant of the cultivar Szampion. Fruit the fruit are from medium to large sizes, have a globular shape with a light roughness. The skin is less dry than one of a basic variety and has a light wax bloom. Before the harvest maturity almost the whole surface of the fruit is covered with a marmoreal erubescence. The pap is juicy and very tasty...

Hybrid of Sunrise x Delbarestivale. Fruit medium size, cylindrical, smooth light yellow peel covered with red and orange striped blush. Tasty, firm, juicy. Fruit do not overripe on the tree and do not fall. Harvest maturity the middle of August, several days later than the Piros variety. Storage: cold store 1-2 months...

Mutant of the Starkrimson. Fruit the fruit are from medium to large sizes, symmetric, conical, with clear ribs, nicely colored, beetroot red blush covers almost the entire surface of the fruit, lightly striped. The flesh is white and green, compact, crunchy, juicy, sweet and sour with a slight bitter aftertaste, aromatic, the skin is thick, with clear lenticels...

Mutant of the Gala cultivar. Fruit medium, spherical or rounded cone shape, yellow smooth peel with intense, green, striped, carmine blush. The flesh is creamy yellow, firm. Harvest maturity mid September. Storage: cold store: 3 months, CA cold store: up to 6 months. Resistance to frost: medium...



Nursery Farm Majkowscy

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